BRG Private Equity Healthcare Forum

Washington, DC

December 9, 2015

Tri MacDonald and Michael Sullivan provided an introduction on topics in healthcare private equity.

John Kelliher took part in a legislative session, “Congressional Panel: Healthcare Policy Outlook.”

John Kelly and Greg Russo discussed predictive and data analytics regarding payer, provider, and policy decisions.

Brian Hoyt and Bryan Cote took part in the panel, “Managed Care Evolution: Behavioral Health, Specialty Rx, Physicians, and Payment.”

Phil Hurd, Katherine Norris, and Aaron Vandervelde participated in a session on compliance.

BRG hosted the event.


Related Professionals

Bryan R. Cote

Managing Director

New York

Brian E. Hoyt

Managing Director

Washington, DC

Phil Hurd



John J. Kelliher

Managing Director

Washington, DC
Federal Policy

Tri MacDonald

Principal Executive Officer & President

Washington, DC

Greg Russo

Managing Director

Washington, DC