Addressing Human Trafficking—Emerging Business and Human Rights Legal Risk Landscape

Tokyo, Japan

September 12, 2018

Ben Fouracre took part in a roundtable discussion on business and human rights around the anti-human trafficking theme. Panelists discussed what businesses can do to address human trafficking and other human rights risks and associated potential legal, financial, and reputational consequences. Topics included:

  • Global business and human rights landscape: international standards and domestic regulatory developments
  • Evolving legal risk landscape for failure to identify and manage human rights risks
  • Developments in practice across sectors
  • Anti-trafficking developments in Asia: what actions are required by business?
  • Practical steps that can be taken by businesses to address human rights risks
  • Tokyo 2020 human rights agenda
  • Possible frameworks for collaboration: existing partnerships between non-governmental organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders


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Ben Fouracre

Japan Representative Director