ACI National Forum on DCAA Audits

Arlington, Virginia

November 12-13, 2012

Mary Karen Wills spoke at a panel discussion at the American Conference Institute’s Fourth National Forum on DCAA Audits. The presentation “Avoiding the Most Critical CAS Errors Triggering Non-Compliance Reports: The Heavy Price of Pension Harmonization, CAS 403, 405 and Other Mistakes” examined the following topics:

  • Harmonization of CAS with the Pension Protection Act, and how new pension standards are being implemented
  • What has triggered the rise in CAS noncompliance reports: Key compliance pitfalls to avoid for CAS 403, 405, and 408
  • Putting together a CAS Pension REA: What the legislation requires, and when CAS REA preparation costs are allowable or not
  • How DCAA is addressing cost impacts, disclosure statements, and cost impact statements
  • Achieving adequate ratings for your home office cost allocations under CAS 403: Homogeneous pools and allocation methods

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Mary Karen Wills

Managing Director

Washington, DC