Case Study

TCPA and Telecommunications Class Actions

May 2, 2017

BRG’s multidisciplinary team has a deep understanding of software, coding, database administration, economics, finance, statistics, investigations, and regulatory compliance for multinational corporations in a variety of industries. Examples include:

  • Peggy Daley is serving as a data analytics expert in a TCPA action brought against three cruise lines whose cruises were identified in robocalls calls made by a travel agency. The case seeks to certify a class of claimants that exceeds four million people who allegedly received robocalls over a four-year period. Ms. Daley analyzed the travel company’s dialer database and concluded that it does not contain historical call data that can tie a specific call to a specific recording played. She also identified significant errors made by plaintiff’s expert, including over-counting the number of calls by approximately six million. The class action certification motion is pending.
  • Ms. Daley has been retained by debt-collection companies and telecommunication companies defending TCPA cases filed both by individuals and as class actions. She has analyzed the call records at issue, assessed their reliability, and performed analysis on data containing customer consents. She has also analyzed call data to determine which calls were made to cellular telephone numbers.
  • Ms. Daley is serving as an expert witness in a class action brought against a mortgage company that alleges that the company violated California eavesdropping statutes by failing to advise call recipients in a timely manner that calls were being recorded. Ms. Daley analyzed the methodology proposed by plaintiff’s efforts and tested the reliability of call transcription software the plaintiff wishes to use to identify the class members. The case is pending.


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