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BRG provides industry-leading expertise in natural gas and LNG commercial value optimization related to infrastructure investment, contracts, and disputes.

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BRG Energy professionals address natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities and challenges concerning the changing dynamics of production, trading, consumption, policy, regulation, and environmental stewardship and compliance throughout North America and over fifty countries worldwide. Our expertise encompasses natural gas production, processing, pipeline transportation, storage, and marketing and trading, as well as LNG and NGL terminal operations, shipping, trading, and end-markets.


  • Disputes: We provide independent expert analysis and testimony for commercial and investment arbitration, litigation, regulatory, and competition matters at the international, national, and state/provincial levels.
  • Strategy: We advise on strategies for corporate growth, market entry and product marketing strategies, portfolio management, and trading operations. We have advised infrastructure project development strategies around the world, including the critical “if” and “how” decisions around initial project development and expansions.
  • Commercial: We serve as commercial advisors in contract and price negotiation, contract price reviews, trading, and risk management. We also advise the negotiation of fuel and power supply and transportation contracts, contract price reviews, and commodity risk management.
  • Transactions: We advise on investment and financing transactions for natural gas and LNG infrastructure in the areas of market analysis and forecasting, due diligence, and valuation. Our work includes acquisitions and divestitures, investment evaluation and planning, project financing, and technical evaluation.
  • Markets: We advise on the evolution of global and North American natural gas and power markets and their fundamental policy and regulatory drivers. We evaluate regional and global gas and power markets’ reciprocal impacts on each other in terms of supply-demand balances, market equilibriums, prices, and trade.
  • Forecasting: Many of our services leverage extensive natural gas market analysis, simulation, and forecasting expertise, including operational and financial tools and models for the simulation and forecasting of LNG, natural gas, and shale gas production, market operations, prices, and infrastructure/ asset utilization.

Proprietary Tools

  • Global Gas Model (GGM): Our model provides a rigorous detailed forecast view of markets. GGM is a non-linear economic optimization model that projects global supply, demand, trade, and prices of natural gas and LNG; and solves for equilibrium, market-clearing prices and volumes for every hub and time point throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and worldwide.
  • Flexibility Valuation Model (FVM): Our model provides a realistic view of the real-option value of contracts and portfolio flexibility. FVM quantifies the value of destination and/or flexibility in LNG contracts and portfolios based on projected equilibrium price expectations and the expected volatility of those prices. It simulates a trading strategy for short-term trade to optimize the value available from equilibrium prices and their volatility—for sales to the most profitable markets and/or for procurement of supplies from the most economic sources.

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