Cyber Security & Investigations

BRG’s full range of expertise—from data security strategy and consulting to incident response, investigations, and post-crisis support—ensures that clients are prepared to tackle the full spectrum of cyber challenges.

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BRG’s Cyber Security and Investigations group is uniquely prepared to help clients with a full range of data security, data protection, and privacy challenges. Our team has special expertise in cyber-incident response, as well as helping clients forensically navigate the legal and regulatory aftermath of an incident. BRG’s cross-border, interdisciplinary team also offers vulnerability assessments, cybersecurity improvement plans, enterprise security architecture design, and assistance with cyber regulatory compliance and audits.

In addition, the group provides a number of coordinated services, including industry leading Bitcoin consulting and analysis, expert witness engagements, independent board reviews, custom software engineering, and cybersecurity training.

Our practice draws on the skills of BRG staff around the world, along with an extensive network of associates, including prominent academics, CPAs, experienced business leaders, former government officials, and seasoned consultants. We have the agility to assemble teams with the specific, nuanced talent and sector and geographic insight needed to address a particular problem and provide highly specialized and strategic advice.

Our Professionals

BRG’s Cyber Security and Investigations group is composed of highly qualified experts who have a diverse range of talents. Team members include former federal law enforcement agents who specialized in cybercrime investigations, network security experts who focus on penetration testing and “red team” assessments, and a former Assistant US Attorney who pioneered cybersecurity enforcement as a federal prosecutor. Our experts spearheaded some of the most complex cyber cases ever pursued—including the investigation and prosecution of the leadership of the prolific hacktivist groups Anonymous and Lulzsec, as well as the owner and operator of Silk Road, a notorious $1.2 billion underground drug website—and have responded to and investigated over 600 cyber attacks against organizations across a range of industries, including in the government, education, financial services, travel and entertainment, technology, media, healthcare, and consumer products sectors.

Our cutting-edge experience and multidisciplinary approach, together with BRG’s global footprint and resources, create an exceptional platform from which we can solve organizations’ most complex cyber problems.

We use decades’ worth of experience and a track record of creative, out-of-the-box thinking to provide solutions that are holistic in philosophy, practical in application, and sensitive to organizations’ operational concerns.

Our Services

Strategic Cyber Security Consulting

We provide direct, clear, and objective advice to clients who seek to understand and mitigate their cyber risk. Our services include:

  • Vulnerability assessments:
    • External and internal penetration testing
    • Wireless network evaluations
    • Website and application security audits
    • Physical control review
  • Evaluation of existing cybersecurity policies
  • Remediation of identified security gaps, including:
    • Enhanced technical defenses
    • Incident response preparedness
    • Improved cybersecurity procedures
  • Compliance with data security standards or guidance
  • Preparation for cybersecurity audits
  • Enterprise security architecture design
  • Data mapping and information governance consulting

Incident Response

Speed is of the essence when dealing with a cyber incident. BRG’s global presence enables our team to respond quickly, regardless of geographic challenges. Our professionals have wide experience investigating, characterizing, and containing cyber attacks across a range of industries, as well as working seamlessly with law enforcement, which may be conducting its own inquiry. At the same time, we understand how important it is to maintain ongoing business operations. We put our unparalleled experience and practical awareness to work to provide rapid and successful solutions, including:

  • Global response teams 
  • Incident assessment and scoping
  • Digital forensics and data preservation
  • Malware reverse engineering and analysis
  • Data-loss mitigation
  • Business continuity
  • Law enforcement referrals and coordination

Post-Incident Support

Our client support does not stop once a cyber incident has been contained. Our highly qualified team helps clients bridge the technical and legal gap when responding to post-incident litigation and regulatory inquiries. Services include:

  • Expert witness consulting
  • Technical root cause analysis
  • Damage and loss consulting
  • Litigation consulting

Coordinated Consulting Services

BRG’s Cyber Security and Investigations group offers a diverse array of expert consultative services that complement its foundational cybersecurity mission, including:

  • Internal cyber investigations
    • Theft of trade secrets/economic espionage investigations
    • Targeted endpoint monitoring solutions
  • Support for independent corporate board reviews of cyber incidents
  • Independent cyber monitorships
  • Cyber due diligence
  • Virtual currency/Bitcoin consulting and analysis
  • Custom software engineering
  • Online intelligence and threat monitoring
  • Cyber insurance consulting
  • Bespoke cybersecurity and communications solutions for individuals
  • Cybersecurity training

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