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Prism Healthcare Partners Joins BRG

BRG and Prism Healthcare Partners join forces to help healthcare providers improve financial and operating performance, manage consolidation, and deliver high-quality, cost-effective care.

Complete Solutions Across OPERATIONS, STRATEGY, and BUSINESS Analytics

The merged BRG | Prism Healthcare practice brings a new level of service to help healthcare providers improve financial and operating performance, manage consolidation, and deliver high-quality, cost-effective care.

At 350 professionals—and growing—BRG’s healthcare consulting team has the scale and scope to serve all providers, from large health systems to community hospitals to national post-acute care organizations.

BRG and Prism have long had common cultures of fast responses to clients’ challenges and working side-by-side with frontline staff and senior leadership to ensure results are achieved. Together they will provide new value to healthcare providers that will further distinguish the combined practice in the marketplace.

Find out more about the new BRG healthcare performance improvement practice: Better and stronger … together.


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Paul Osborne and Mukesh Gangwal

Paul Osborne
Managing Director
BRG Healthcare Performance Improvement

Mukesh Gangwal

President and Chief Executive Officer
Prism Healthcare Partners


What Our Clients Say

Richard D’Aquila, president of Yale New Haven Health, which surpassed a goal of reducing cost by $125 million annually, credits BRG with adapting leading-edge data-analytic tools to drive change and hardwire into the daily management systems, and helping to bring physicians along with development of highly specialized services in heart and vascular care, neurosciences, and organ transplantation.

“We, like other health systems, were challenged by the need to take costs out of the system without undermining clinical effectiveness. BRG was willing to invest the time it took and be very flexible about how they approached the engagement, building the model and the early work around clinical redesign, which still functions seven years later.”

Alan S. Kaplan, MD, chief executive officer of UW Health, Madison, Wisconsin, where Prism was able to help grow operating margin from 0.9% in 2018 to 4.0% a year later through $110 million in margin enhancements, far surpassing the system’s goal of $80 million.

“We realized we needed some additional expertise and brought Prism in. They quickly identified opportunities—some we knew about, many we did not know about. The differentiator is how they really got down in the trenches, working diligently with our managers and directors, educating them on opportunities these managers did not know they had. They also worked side by side with administrators and senior leadership. We really credit Prism for surpassing our goals with no layoffs, no decrease in funding for academia, and without touching physician compensation.”

John A. Orsini, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Chicago-based Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, which Prism helped to guide through its acquisition and integration of three-hospital Centegra Health System in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, achieving significant savings through centralized purchasing, reducing contract labor, improving medical management, and reducing claims denials, among other actions.

“Mergers can create a lot of tension and anxiety on both sides, but Mukesh [Gangwal] and his team at Prism are very adept in achieving merger synergies. Their work is very thoughtful and data driven, so all the participants understand what the opportunities are as well as the degree of difficulty in achieving them. We are achieving our financial plan objectives, and the integration has gone according to the roadmap we put together, which in large part was informed by the work Prism did for us. We are very pleased with how it’s gone to date.”

Keith G. Myers, chairman and CEO of LHC Group, brought the BRG team on board a full six months prior to closing its merger with Almost Family in April 2018, allowing BRG to help them better define success and plan thoroughly for the various integration phases, enabling LHC to focus on its day-to-day core business.

“The decision we made to engage—and engage early—with BRG in November 2017, when LHC Group and Almost Family announced their merger, will stand as one of the most defining moments and smartest decisions in the history of our company... To this day, BRG remains highly engaged as we continue down the path of integrating our operations, maximizing efficiencies, and improving the functional support for patients, partners and people. All along the way, BRG has invested the time and talent to learn our culture, know our people, and truly understand our business and leadership position. Ours is a story of shared success, and BRG is among our greatest partners.”

John Murphy (WCHN)

John M. Murphy, MD, CEO of Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN), discusses the BRG Healthcare Performance Improvement team's expertise in implementation. Following BRG's transformation project, WCHN realized more than $65 million in annual savings and revenue enhancement. WCHN is now known as Nuvance since its recent merger with Health Quest.