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RAPIDstep: A Game Changer for an Unprecedented Crisis

Efficient planning and delivery of visionary solutions in higher education, on tap for difficult times.

We are witnessing an unprecedented global crisis, affecting universities and smaller colleges vital to America’s higher education. This crisis strikes at the heart of our higher education system, undermining financial stability, infrastructure, and sustainability.

Change and disruption bring challenges for the coming academic year and the future. This calls for comprehensive planning supported by reliable projections and credible scenarios for the “new normal.” BRG professionals have extensive high-level experience working collaboratively with academic leadership, interfacing seamlessly with boards, faculty, and community stakeholders. We bring novel ideas to the table, tailored carefully to match the culture and long-term goals of each institution.

To help with service continuity and change management in these troubled times, the BRG Higher Ed team introduces RAPIDstep, leveraging higher education to offer strategic planning and creative solutions for challenges in the areas of enrollment, financial planning, business operations, and delivery of instruction and research. BRG Higher Ed professionals draw on extensive experience in change management and strategic management at universities to offer rapid, intelligent strategic planning and help your institution move safely through the current crisis and plan for the future.

Drawing on this experience and on innovative tools like Way-to-Pay™ to make top-quality education affordable, we designed RAPIDstep, a special package to address the crisis on unique terms and leverage it to make constructive change.

RAPIDstep is designed to be affordable, and we will make efforts to work with you to meet your specific challenges.

For more information, please contact us:

Stefano Falconi
Managing Director and Higher Education Practice Leader

David J. Teece
Chairman and Principal Executive Officer