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Surety Services

When faced with a surety matter, turn to BRG for more than just support—turn to us for direction.



Technical Expertise. Depth. Independence.

Berkeley Research Group’s surety services focus on the identification and resolution of a surety’s potential financial exposure, as well as the resolution of complex financial- and construction-related issues. We have extensive experience advising surety companies and their counsel on the accounting, financial, engineering, construction, and claims processing issues related to surety matters.

BRG personnel have worked for every major surety and insurance firm in the United States. Our professionals advise clients on all aspects of troubled construction projects, including planning and scheduling, cost control, cost-to-complete estimates, contract administration, field construction management tasks, and contract reprocurement. 

We also advise clients on accounting and financial issues related to surety matters, including analyses of the principal’s financial condition, cash-flow projections, working capital requirements, internal control reviews, and fraud investigations.

The BRG Advantage

Technical Expertise

BRG professionals know the technical aspects of the claim elements facing a company. We understand the process, individuals involved, and unique roles served by each.


BRG professionals have construction industry, financial analysis, and insurance claims expertise. We have backgrounds in construction, engineering, project scheduling, project management, cost analysis, damages, insurance audits, and claims preparation.


By providing independent and objective analysis of, and opinions on, complex financial, accounting, and economic issues, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients and other interested parties. We do not provide attestation services; therefore, we are free of the independence conflicts experienced by many of our competitors.

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