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Skilled Trade Services

BRG experts have years of front-line experience to aid their clients in resolving complex matters of schedule and cost. 



Front-line experience

Berkeley Research Group's skilled trade experts have years of front-line experience to aid their clients in resolving complex matters of schedule and cost. BRG works with skilled trade contractors and their clients to manage risk and settle disputes when industry-specific knowledge is essential to dispel the mystery.

BRG experts have the expertise to help clients dealing with a wide variety of skilled trade services including mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, sheet metal, insulators, structural erectors, and machinery setters. Our professionals advise clients on all aspects of troubled construction projects, including planning and scheduling, cost control, cost-to-complete estimates, contract administration, and construction management tasks. 

We also advise clients on accounting and financial issues related to surety matters, including analyses of the principal’s financial condition, cash flow projections, working capital requirements, internal control reviews, and fraud investigations. When faced with a surety matter, turn to BRG for more than just support—turn to us for direction.

What We Do

Risk Management

  • Evaluate key risk areas
  • Propose schedule control methods and procedures
  • Propose cost-control procedures and reports
  • Perform periodic completion assessments
  • Perform performance and efficiency analyses
  • Technical reviews of disputed matters
  • Determine forecasted cost to complete
  • Monitor correspondence for potential issues of risk
  • Recommend mitigation efforts related to cost and schedule
  • Advise in negotiations of schedule and cost changes
  • Prepare narrative justification for changes involving cost and schedule

Claims Analysis and Preparation

  • Organize and review relevant documents
  • Review pertinent contract documents
  • Aid in developing critical path schedules
  • Recommend control procedures for schedule monitoring
  • Perform schedule delay analyses
  • Perform change order/change estimate analyses
  • Perform financial damage analyses
  • Prepare affirmative claims
  • Analyze claim defense
  • Advise in settlement negotiations
  • Provide litigation support and expert testimony


  • Organize and review relevant financial documents
  • Determine the accuracy of existing accounting and financial information
  • Determine the appropriateness of internal accounting controls
  • Aid in developing performance-monitoring models
  • Prepare as-planned versus as-built models
  • Analyze the principal’s cash-flow requirements and short- and long-term financial position
  • Develop strategies to mitigate potential losses resulting from a troubled project

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