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BRG experts have a deep understanding of government operations and considerable expertise in public policy analysis, drawn in part from experience as senior government officials. Our experts have provided consulting services and prepared testimony, reports, and studies addressing policy issues facing local, state, and national governments worldwide. We provide strategic analysis and advice to companies, trade associations, public bodies, and regulators in traditionally regulated industries such as communications, electricity, and natural gas.

In addition, we help business and government organizations address policy and administrative issues in a wide range of functional areas such as healthcare, energy, transportation, housing finance, taxes, budgeting, banking, and financial services. We also provide authoritative assessment of the economic and fiscal impacts of policy proposals. We have worked with senior corporate executives and legal and governmental affairs departments to develop compliance strategies and anticipate future regulatory requirements. We have provided expert testimony before Congress, federal regulatory agencies, state public service commissions, and federal courts and in state legislative hearings. BRG experts also frequently offer pro bono analyses and policy recommendations on matters of significant concern in public forums and proceedings. 


  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Economic/Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Implications of Policy for Corporate Strategy and Competitive Positioning 
  • Regulatory Policy Development
  • Regulatory Filing Drafting Assistance
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Regulatory Risk and Exposure Mitigation

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