Fund Transparency Advisory

BRG provides a range of tailored services to support funds and their managers’ reports to investors.

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Fund Transparency Advisory

BRG provides a range of tailored services to support funds and their managers’ reports to investors.


Investor transparency is a major theme in today’s alternative investments industry. BRG’s Fund Transparency Advisory group works with managers and investors to develop specific solutions to manage the needs of regulators, investors, and auditors. We offer a comprehensive look at financial reporting and investor reporting from contractual, financial, and technology perspectives.

Our investor transparency services center on developing a best-in-class reporting function, focused on the following areas:

  • LP investor reporting requirements (ILPA Standard Reporting)
  • Performance and financial reporting
  • Risk reporting
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Valuation (including third-party valuation provider)
  • Data integrity
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Roles and responsibilities

Benefits to the General Partner

  • Achieving best practices in fund transparency and investor reporting enhances reputation and investment attractiveness
  • Evaluation of operational and technological infrastructure provides increased efficiencies to financial reporting systems and portfolio data management processes
  • Integration of reporting and strategic analysis establishes improved portfolio and risk analytics
  • Proper implementation of investor transparency procedures ensures clarity and consistency in portfolio- and asset-level performance attributes
  • Provision of checks and balances approaches satisfies fair value regulatory standards for illiquid investments

Benefits to Investors

  • Investor transparency allows for the provision of timely, relevant, and accurate portfolio- and asset-level analytics
  • Increased visibility improves identification, anticipation, and mitigation of risk
  • Customized reporting streamlines analytics for LPs
  • Consistent reporting enhances confidence in the manager’s underlying data and the integrity of financial reporting processes

Service Offerings

Diagnostic Health Check

  • Review the funds’ current reporting processes, scoring to “best practices” benchmarks that are recognized by the SEC, investors and auditors and align with best Valuation Policies and Procedures 
  • Identify gaps in financial reporting and investor reporting processes
  • Provide actionable recommendations

Best Practice Solutions and Implementation

  • Oversee implementation of investor transparency “best practices” including portfolio reporting platform (Summary Reports, Dashboards, Valuation Committee Reports)
  • Integrate valuation (including third-party valuation, investor reporting and management reporting functions)
  • Development of efficient processes that create a workable match between fund’s internal principals and SEC standards
  • Improve an existing implementation of portfolio reporting platform to achieve the expectation held at inception


  • BRG’s team can serve as your iLEVEL Platform Manager, reducing both cost and risk, while ensuring “best practices”
  • Deliver quarterly valuation (third-party valuation provider) and fund performance reporting
  • Develop and manage customized investor reporting
  • Link your iLevel platform use to our Portfolio Valuation Services