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Fund Business Services

BRG provides fund managers with a range of services to address on-off and ongoing business, finance, and operational critical needs. 



BRG provides a range of business and finance services to support the fund and manager organization. We work with managers to provide solutions that address one-off and ongoing business critical needs. Our business services team is deeply experienced in the performance of financial, operational, compliance/regulatory and fiduciary roles for funds.

Interim Management

  • Serving as interim CEO, CFO, Controller, HR manager
  • Serving as directors and or partners of the fund and Investment Manager

Financial Controller/CFO and Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping and financial records and Financial Statement preparation (Fund and Investment Manager)
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost control and liquidity management
  • Preparation of NAV calculations and shadowing
  • Tax return management
  • Payroll management
  • Audit preparation and support
  • Risk identification and reporting
  • Financial policies and procedures
  • Expense allocation management
  • Financial products treatment

Investment Manager Internal Reporting

  • Preparation of monthly management company statements
  • Provision of investment managers’ reports including portfolio performance and analysis

Corporate Governance

  • FATCA compliance
  • Company secretarial
    • Board minutes, resolutions and statutory and statutory forms
    • Filing of statutory documents
    • Administrator for statutory registers, minute books and share certificates
    • Preparing notices, agendas and attending Directors/General meetings (if required)
    • Preparing and circulating all necessary papers for meetings of the Directors
    • Submission of notices and filings to the relevant stock exchanges
  • Provision of corporate Directors

Investor and Regulatory Reporting

  • Investor inquiries and communication
  • Preparation of investor periodic reporting
  • Regulatory reporting services

Fiduciary, Trust and Administrator Services

  • Managing fund trusts, serving as trust Administrator
    • Settling trust matters including asset and claims management
    • Making distributions to beneficiaries
  • Serving as responsible officers, corporate monitors, receivers and trustees
  • Serving as examiners on behalf of various government agencies

Prime Brokerage Operations

  • Consulting with hedge funds and prime brokers on accounting policies, trading controls, personnel changes, risk management and due diligence procedures
    • Assessment of investment strategies as well as establishing monitoring controls over risk exposure including short selling and margin accounts

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