Executive Search for Financial Services Firms

We provide specialist executive search services focused on hiring and retaining senior leaders for blue-chip financial services organizations. 

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BRG’s Strategic Human Capital practice provides specialist executive search services focused on hiring and retaining senior leaders for blue-chip financial services organizations. Operating from London, we recruit internationally for board directors, CEOs, and their direct reports, including business and functional heads, for roles in retail, corporate, and insurance, asset management, and investment banking across the key global financial centers.


Chief Executive Officer

Business Heads

Functional Heads


Chief Operating Officer

Consumer Finance

Chief Human Resources Officer

Retail Banking

Chief Risk Officer

Asset and Wealth Management

Group Audit Director

Investment Management

General Counsel

Corporate Banking

Chief Information Officer

Investment Banking

Chief Finance Officer

Transaction Banking

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

BRG applies a rigorous and robust search process, including 360 assessments, referencing, and bespoke testing. This involves both BRG and clients investing time at the outset to define a tailored suite of documents to confirm that the role, reporting lines, cultural nuances, experience, and capabilities required are fully understood and can be clearly communicated to potential candidates.

This analysis, and internal stakeholder and/or benchmark interviews combined with informal and formal market referencing of each candidate, ensures that our clients need only meet those three to four candidates who have the skills, aptitude, and cultural fit required for the role, as well as the desire to pursue it. This allows our clients to focus on fit and, with increased insight from our process, shorten their involvement in the process to an optimal level and make sound judgments and selections. Having taken a lean rule to the traditional search methodology, we ensure that every stage is well managed, providing a great candidate and brand experience to market on behalf of our clients.

At point of offer, we undertake comprehensive formal referencing to understand strengths, weaknesses, and motivations to ensure the candidate will both remain and flourish within the organization.

As part of our onboarding, while the new hire is becoming networked into the organization, both the client and the newly appointed candidate benefit from the continuing relationship with BRG. BRG experts will provide objective advice, coaching, and counsel to each party, which will speed the integration to everyone’s benefit.

At the conclusion of each search campaign, BRG will conduct a quality audit with the client, the successful candidate, and at least one other member of the short list.

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