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Enterprise Security



The definition of “enterprise” has changed. Not long ago, security professionals talked about the disappearing perimeter; today, an appropriate question might be,“What perimeter?”

Users employ an array of mobile devices and platforms to send email, review and modify documents, and close deals—or they access critical applications from machines not provisioned by the organization. The data needs to be protected just the same.

Virtualization, cloud computing, and third parties all impact organizational data. Companies across the globe reallocate memory, storage, and processing resources immediately in response to user demand, business volume, time of day, and other factors specific to their business.

Information security is still a critical factor of supporting a business’ mission. When geographical boundaries no longer define what is inside and outside, and security is not tethered to particular systems or applications, the security solution has to focus on what the organization is ultimately trying to protect: its mission. The embodiment of the organizational mission is the data the organization creates, processes, stores, and transmits.

BRG enterprise security professionals focus on gaining a detailed understanding of an organization’s business objectives, technology infrastructure, and data, and the risks and threats specifically associated with your environment. Security solutions are tailored to provide an implementation strategy that is unique to the business.

Our experts have been in the information security field for more than 14 years and understand both defensive and offensive security. Our experts can advise in all aspects of the security lifecycle:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Management
  • Assurance

When you are ready to have a conversation about information security, contact our Technology Advisory Practice.

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