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4D Scheduling Services

BRG’s Global Construction practice offers clients 4D scheduling, which takes a three-dimensional model of a construction project and essentially adds a fourth dimension—time.



Berkeley Research Group’s Global Construction practice offers clients 4D scheduling, which takes a three-dimensional model of a construction project and essentially adds a fourth dimension—time.

The market penetration of BIM and 3D modeling tools has had a significant effect on the way we design, plan, and build complex construction projects. A large percentage of leading builders and owners mandate the development and maintenance of BIM through all phases of a project. Federal, state, and local government procurement agencies are contractually requiring BIM modeling and spatial coordination. The U.S. General Services Administration strongly encourages the application of 4D scheduling on prospectus-level projects, and state and local agencies are following the GSA’s lead.

A 4D schedule leverages additional value from a project’s 3D/Building Information Model (BIM) and critical path method (CPM) schedule by combining the two documents to create a powerful visualization and planning tool. BRG experts use cutting-edge 4D scheduling software that links the BIM elements (such as columns, slabs, doors, and windows) to the appropriate CPM schedule activity. By linking the BIM elements and CPM schedule activities, our experts produce an animation of project construction over time as planned in the CPM schedule. Additionally, sophisticated contractors utilize the technology to set themselves apart from the competition in bidding and procurement. Bid schedules are frequently required for most major procurements, and a contractor’s ability to present a 4D graphical presentation of its planned execution of a project can be the key to obtaining an award.

The cost to prepare a 4D schedule is nominal and represents a small fraction of the cost in preparing a project model. The added value provided by a 4D schedule in managing progress of work and explaining the progress to major stakeholders more than outweighs the additional expense. Further, in the event of claims or disputes, the 4D model is an effective way to graphically portray the factors that caused delays and disruption.

BRG is a full-service construction and engineering expert consulting services firm that provides a multidisciplinary array of expert and forensic services, founded on years of experience in project management, engineering, scheduling, accounting, and expert witness services.

Our experts advise clients in bidding, winning, planning, and executing unique global projects of all types or sizes. In planning, our Project Risk Management services enhance client capabilities in identifying and managing ever-changing project-related risks. In execution, our experts’ strengths build on solid risk analyses, schedule management, and change management. In disputes, our expertise addresses project performance issues, schedule delay analysis, damage analysis, and defect analysis.

Technology continues its rapid evolution in the field of schedule management and claims visualization. BRG is a leader in providing a visually compelling, high-impact, technology-based approach to communicate the delaying cause-and-effect impact of events over time. Our experts are pleased to offer 4D modeling as a high-value service that helps clients effectively communicate even the most difficult and complex issues.

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