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Upcoming Studies




The study will focus on how academic medical centers are mobilizing growth and modifying strategic goals and objectives to:

  • Ensure financial survival and growth
  • Develop a core strategy to be an absolute regional or national leader in a specific area
  • Establish a dominant regional or local market position
  • Become a true leading international brand name


P3 Strategy

The study will focus on how government organizations are evaluating and developing strategies of potential public-private partnerships (P3). It will include:

  • Analyzing projects to determine if P3s or traditional methods are most appropriate for procurement
  • Communicating with rating agencies and federal/state loan programs and other parties regarding indicative ratings and qualifications for Private Activity Bonds
  • Assessing affordability limitations for P3 projects
  • Developing financial models for P3 projects, including a public-sector comparator, return on investment (ROI) calculations for full lifecycle of asset(s) and breakeven points, ROI calculations with net present value (NPV), comprehensive lifecycle cost and cash flows, and Value for Money analysis at various phases of a project.