Bank Regulatory Services

Providing financial institutions with superior diligence, valuation, capital markets, and regulatory advisory services.

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BRG Corporate Finance Capital Markets Services advises sectors including financial services, real estate, private equity, capital markets, as well as consumer and corporate finance.

What We Do

Loan Diligence and Valuation Services

Advisors to banks and financial institutions in both single-asset and portfolio-level diligence and valuation services.

Buy-Side Bank M&A and Target Diligence

Credit underwriting, commercial and consumer loan portfolio valuation for mark to market, and purchase accounting (SOP 03-3 and FIN 141R).

Warehouse Finance

Commercial real estate re-underwriting, due diligence, and valuation in support of balance sheet lenders financing loans secured by commercial real estate.

Acquisition Support

Single-asset and portfolio-level due diligence in support of acquisitions of commercial real estate or portfolios of loans secured by commercial real estate.

Asset Monitoring and Surveillance

Periodic credit reviews, asset summary reports, and portfolio monitoring.

Bank Regulatory Advisory Services

Implementation and documentation of Dodd–Frank and Basel III.

Our experienced team identifies and addresses data quality deficiencies that need to be remedied for compliance purposes under regulatory schemes including Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), Dodd–Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

Data Validation and Aggregation

Physical or imaged file reviews to populate or validate data elements required for regulatory reporting.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Documentation of application outcome and justification for CFPB compliance.


Consumer and commercial asset valuation support for regression analysis in macroeconomic stress test scenarios.

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