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About the Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study



About the Study

In the wake of increased cyber attacks, organization leaders have grown to understand that the financial and reputational impacts of a cybersecurity breach can be devastating. As a result, board members have become more educated on cybersecurity matters, which has led to their increased involvement in the cyber risk reduction process.

Understanding how peers implement cybersecurity to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data provides valuable insight. Such insights help in not only recognizing current trends, but also enabling the identification of individual strengths and areas for improvement and allowing for the benchmarking across peers.

In Q1 and Q2 2016, experts at BRG conducted a Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study among leading global organizations. The respondents provided views on the state of their organizations’ cybersecurity preparedness, upcoming trends, and information on internal subjects such as security budget and organizational structure.

The study consisted of 103 questions related to cybersecurity practices and focused on six primary topics: Leadership, Information Governance, Risk Management, Essential Protection, Incident Response, and Security Culture.

Participating organizations used an online platform that allowed for multiple-choice and open-ended responses.

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Faisal Amin | Director
713.493.2552 | famin@thinkbrg.com

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