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Global Cyber Security & Investigations


Our dedicated experts have responded to and investigated over 600 cyber attacks against organizations across a range of industries both in government service and in private practice. Examples include:

Theft of Trade Secrets from Société Générale
  • Investigation and criminal prosecution of Samarth Agrawal, a securities trader at Société Générale, for stealing proprietary code used in the bank’s high-frequency trading business.
Hack of NASDAQ
  • Investigation and criminal prosecution of a Russian national for hacking into NASDAQ’s computer networks and installing malware that permitted access, theft or alteration of data.
Silk Road Hidden Website
  • Investigation and criminal prosecution of Ross William Ulbricht, a/k/a “Dread Pirate Roberts,” and his associates for operating Silk Road, an online black market that facilitated $1.2 billion in illegal drug sales.
Oil and Gas Sector Company
  • Economic espionage investigation at a multi-billion dollar oil and gas services company.
U.S. Department of Justice
  • Expert analysis by team of a large volume of Bitcoin transactions for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in connection with claim arising from forfeiture action.
New York Financial Services Company
  • Rapid response to a data breach at a New York-based financial services company that resulted in leak of sensitive client information in the press. Traced the source of the breach, developed a remediation program and drafted a report which was shared with regulators. Assisted legal counsel in presenting findings to an executive committee and the board of directors.
Global Banking Institution
  • Complex root cause analysis of the failed upgrade of critical software at the bank. Assisted legal counsel in presenting the analysis to a senior executive committee, including the CEO and board of directors. Provided expert technical consulting services for related civil litigation and regulatory inquiries.
Family Office
  • Investigation of a cyber attack against a family investment management office, which resulted in a loss of over $1 million. Instituted a remediation program, including a security overhaul of the office’s computer network.
Operation Citiskim
  • Investigation and criminal prosecution of a Russian national and his international co-conspirators for hacking an ATM network used by multiple financial institutions, including Citibank and PNC Bank, and stealing over 800,000 accounts, resulting in at least $7.8 million in losses.

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