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Representative Engagements

Representative Engagements for Healthcare Financial Advisory.

  • State departments of insurance and departments of managed healthcare have retained BRG experts to serve as interim officers and monitors for financially troubled managed health plans.

  • Health plans and regulators have retained BRG experts on engagements that involved assessing health plans’ medical loss ratios (MLR; medical expenses divided by premium revenue).

  • BRG experts assisted a two-hospital system with a business plan that included a 10-year financial forecast to determine the feasibility of funding a replacement for its largest hospital.

  • A BRG expert offered independent opinions and conclusions on behalf of a health system that split up after years of operating on a consolidated basis.

  • Bankruptcy courts have appointed BRG experts as conservator, special monitor, and trustee for managed healthcare plans undergoing liquidation or reorganization.

  • BRG experts have assisted a large academic medical center on numerous projects over the last several years, including three projects specifically evaluating the benefits and risks of acquiring specific hospitals.