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Representative Engagements

Representative Engagements for Higher Education Disputes & Investigations.

  • BRG experts served as financial advisor to counsel for holders of an operator of for-profit post-secondary educational institution, were engaged by an operator of an occupational training school to evaluate business plan and Title IV compliance, and were engaged by an operator of career schools to evaluate business plan and Title IV compliance.

  • BRG experts are serving as outside consultant providing forensic accounting and technology support, served as consulting expert for two for-profit universities, investigated shortfall in the type and amount of collateral supporting securitized student-loan financing facilities, and served as consulting expert for a for-profit tutoring company.

  • BRG experts led the investigation for and advised a for-profit educational entity with response to governmental investigation and US Senate Committee Document Request; and performed initial scoping, forensic preservation, processing, review, and production of electronically stored information in investigative matters for schools involved in litigation.

  • BRG experts served as an expert witness in cases on behalf of a for-profit university in litigation, were retained by a for-profit technical institute to provide expert advice, and led investigation on behalf of the University of Illinois.

  • A BRG expert led investigation into whistleblower complaints and served as outside consultant to the American Bar Association.