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Valuation & Intellectual Property

BRG’s finance and valuation expertise reaches across many of our practice areas. Our experts specialise in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets by combining sophisticated financial, economic and statistical tools with in-depth industry experience.

BRG experts have worked on behalf of investors, companies, financial institutions and government agencies in matters involving allegations such as insider trading, market manipulation, stock-price manipulation, fraudulent financial reporting, predatory lending practices and stock-option backdating.

BRG experts have valued portfolios consisting of complex derivative securities and have determined the impact on portfolio values of alternative investment and trading strategies. We have valued interests in privately held businesses and stock and other assets that are not traded in public markets. We have conducted transaction-related valuations of financial securities, intellectual property and contract rights.

Our extensive industry experience complements our expertise in the analytic disciplines; and both enable us to assess and demonstrate how observed behavior affects market prices, business risk and liability and litigation processes.


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