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Find a Professional


Questions about Berkeley Research Group?

What does BRG do?

We are a leading global expert services and consulting firm that provides independent expert testimony, litigation and regulatory support, authoritative studies, strategic advice, and document and data analytics to major law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and regulatory bodies around the world.

Our experts and consultants combine intellectual rigor with practical, real-world experience and an in-depth understanding of industries and markets. Their expertise spans economics and finance, data analytics and statistics, and public policy in many of the major sectors of our economy, including healthcare, banking, information technology, energy, construction, and real estate.

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What is the interview process?

Interviewing and making employment decisions center around identifying the associated performance and technical skills necessary for a position and looking for these in a prospective employee. Performance skills are related to work habits and how the applicant or employee approaches the assignment or job

Is the applicant organized? Does he or she work to meet deadlines?  Can he or she work with others on teams? 

Technical skills relate to knowledge or work capabilities that the applicant must have in order to be successful in their job. Technical skills required to be successful at BRG may include an understanding of economics, finance, or accounting, as well as understanding of industries such as healthcare.

Can the applicant program using specific software? Does he or she understand specific accounting procedures? Can he or she write clearly?

Finding the right employee for a position involves defining the performance and technical skills required and then recruiting for those skills. Please ensure you know the position you are applying for before your interview.


BRG conducts three types of interviews:

  1. Phone interviews.

  2. On-campus interviews at various colleges and universities during the fall/spring junior recruiting season. Depending on the needs of BRG, representatives serve as recruiting coordinators who spend one day on campus interviewing preselected applicant.

  3. On-site interviews may be your first interview contact after initial screening and/or the final step in the interviewing process.