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BRG on Campus

Working at BRG means collaborating with colleagues across offices on complex and often groundbreaking projects.

BRG is the firm clients trust with their most challenging problems. We look for highly motivated problem solvers with strong analytical abilities and a desire to advance within the organization. Working at BRG means collaborating with colleagues across offices on complex and often groundbreaking projects.

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On-Campus Recruiting Schedule

BRG participates in campus recruiting events across the United States. Below please find a list of BRG’s Fall 2018 campus recruiting events. This list is being updated frequently, please continue to check back to find an event near you.

Name of University Campus Recruiting Event Date
Babson 2018 Career Expo 20-Sep
Babson On-campus Interviews 12-Oct
Boston College Fall Career and Internship Fair 13-Sep
Boston College Information Session 20-Sep
Boston College On-campus Interviews 5-Oct
College of William & Mary Meet the Firms 14-Sep
College of William & Mary Economic and Litigation Consulting Night 21-Sep
College of William & Mary Associate Interviews 27-Sep
Columbia University 2018 Undergraduate Career Fair 14-Sep
Columbia University On-campus Interviews 4-Oct
DePaul Meet the Firms 12-Sep
DePaul Career Fair 3-Oct
DePaul On-campus Interviews 17-Oct
Emory Career Fair 14-Sep
Emory Information Session 27-Sep
Emory On-campus Interviews 19-Oct
Fordham University Fall 2018 Accounting and Finance Fair 12-Sep
George Washington University Business School Tabling 19-Sep
George Washington University Fall Career Fair 28-Sep
George Washington University Associate Interviews 3-Oct
George Washington University Summer Associate Interviews 24-Oct
Georgetown University Career Fair 14-Sep
Georgetown University On-campus Info Session (Associate and SA) 18-Sep
Georgetown University Associate Interviews 5-Oct
Georgetown University Summer Associate Info Session 15-Oct
Georgetown University Summer Associate Interviews 7-Nov
Howard Business School Career Fair 13-Sep
Howard Informational 20-Sep
Howard University Career Fair 25-Sep
Howard Associate Interviews 4-Oct
Johns Hopkins University Homewood: Johns Hopkins University Fall 2018 Career Fair 27-Sep
Loyola Maryland Meet the Firms 2018: Accounting, Finance & Business Operations 18-Sep
Northeastern University Fall 2018 Career Fair 4-Oct
NYU Career Fair 7-Sep
NYU Information Session 26-Sep
NYU On-campus Interviews 12-Oct
Southern Methodist University Career Fair 11-Sep
Southern Methodist University Information Session 13-Sep
Southern Methodist University On-campus Interviews 4-Oct
Texas A&M BSC Career Fair Fall 2018 26-Sep
Texas A&M On-campus Interviews 18-Oct
University of California, Berkeley Consulting Forum 30-Aug
University of California, Berkeley Fall Cal Career Fair 13-Sep
University of California, Berkeley On-campus Interviews 27-Sep
University of California, Davis Fall Internship and Career Fair Day 17-Oct
University of Houston Finance Association Event 10-Sep
University of Houston Fall 2018 Accounting & Finance Pre-Recruiting Mixer 16-Aug
University of Indiana - Kelley Consulting/IS/Supply Chain Fair 7-Sep
University of Indiana - Kelley Information Session 7-Sep
University of Indiana - Kelley On-campus Interviews 3-Oct
University of Maryland 2018 Smith Undergraduate Career Fair 14-Sep
University of Massachusetts Finance Society Meeting 25-Sep
University of Massachusetts Business School Career Fair 26-Sep
University of Massachusetts On-campus Interviews 19-Oct
University of Pennsylvania CareerLink 7-Sep
University of Pennsylvania Information Session 20-Sep
University of Pennsylvania On-campus Interviews 11-Oct
University of Pennsylvania Associate Interviews - DC Office 1-Oct
University of Pennsylvania Summer Associate Interviews - DC Office 12-Nov
University of Richmond Career Fair 11-Sep
University of Richmond Associate Interviews 28-Sep
University of Texas at Austin McCombs Career Expo 5-Sep
University of Texas at Austin On-campus Interviews 10-Oct
UVA Economic and Litigation Consulting Night 11-Sep
UVA Commerce Career Fair 13-Sep
UVA Associate Interviews 27-Sep
UVA Summer Associate Interviews 25-Oct
Washington & Lee University Information Session 13-Sep
Washington & Lee University Associate Interviews 28-Sep
Yeshiva University Yeshiva University's Fall 2018 Finance Fair 30-Aug
Yeshiva University On-campus Interviews 10-Oct
Equal Opportunity Employment

BRG is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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