Solutions for Accurate Credit Reporting

Due to recent enhanced scrutiny by the regulators, BRG has formed a strategic relationship with Experian regarding solutions geared toward accuracy and compliance when furnishing data to the credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Our compliant-ready solution combines technology and professional services to provide in-depth assessments on your credit-reporting and data-furnishing procedures.

How We Can Help

  • Meet regulatory obligations: Validate accuracy of consumer credit data on the Metro 2® file, proactively preparing for an exam, implementing policies and procedures to assess data accuracy.
  • Analyze data quality: Proactively identify errors of Metro 2® submissions prior to submitting to the bureaus.
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience: Remediate reporting issues prior to sending data to the bureaus.

BRG professionals can help provide:

  • Operational Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) assessment
  • FCRA remediation and transformation
  • Enhanced FCRA monitoring, internal audit, and QA/QC
  • Development and improvement of policies and procedures
  • CARES Act compliance
  • Deployment options available through both on-premise and hosted cloud solutions
  • Technology implementation, ongoing support, and training

Key Features of DataArc 360TM Powering BRG Tools

When partnered with BRG, data-furnishing assessments with Experian’s DataArc 360™ includes accessing more than 240 preconfigured Metro 2® rules, data discovery, transformation, and monitoring to analyze and assess your credit reporting data accuracy and integrity, including:

  • Defect detection: Profile Metro 2® data fields instantly for uniqueness, completeness, statistical anomalies, and more.
  • Issue resolution: Identify errors in consumer records and analyze root causes to resolve issues proactively.
  • Accuracy monitoring: View Metro 2® accuracy with dashboards and receive alerts when quality falls below a certain threshold.

Download the white paper “Complying with the FCRA” to learn more.

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