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Tristan Jenkinson

Associate Director


Tristan Jenkinson works in BRG’s UK Forensic Technology practice. He has eight years of experience working in the digital forensics and electronic disclosure field. He previously led the UK Digital Forensics and Incident Response team for a top global consultancy firm.

Dr. Jenkinson has provided expert evidence to the UK High Court and has advised corporate clients, law firms and government bodies on an extensive number of cases covering the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He has worked on different types of investigations across both the forensic and electronic disclosure disciplines, including allegations of intellectual property theft, data falsification and manipulation, contractual disputes, network intrusion, computer misuse, fraud, blackmail, rogue trading, and breaches of competition law.

In the digital forensics space, Dr. Jenkinson has worked on cases of alleged intellectual property theft. He has also worked on cases involving the alleged falsification or manipulation of electronic documents, as well as matters regarding the analysis and interpretation of metadata and digital forensic artefacts.

Dr. Jenkinson has been the lead investigator on many forensic investigations and has provided expert evidence to court. He has attended formal expert meetings and has attended court at the request of lawyers and barristers to consult on cross-examination.

In the electronic disclosure space, Dr. Jenkinson has managed projects covering the capture, analysis and processing of data from sources such as email, loose files, internet chat files, Bloomberg messages, network shares, restored backup data, transaction logs, and electronic audio recordings of telephone conversations. He has managed teams offering review support to clients on a number of review platforms and has created electronic productions for clients and their legal representatives, as well as for regulatory bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading, Financial Services Authority, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and U.S. Department of Justice.

Dr. Jenkinson has been quoted regarding intellectual property theft in Operational Risk & Regulation and coauthored a joint article on the disclosure of communications data published in The Lawyer. He has also spoken on the relationship between electronic disclosure and digital forensics in a recording for the E-Disclosure Information Project.


University of Leeds
Ph.D., Pure Mathematics
M.A., Mathematics

Employment History

Navigant Consulting
Associate director
2007 - 2015