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Rebecca Li Bo-lan is a director in BRG’s Global Investigations + Strategic Intelligence practice. She was previously the acting Head of Operations for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong.

Ms. Li specializes in conducting corporate investigations regarding internal malfeasance, whistle-blower complaints, potential corruption, fraud, and money laundering. She also supports clients in the design, implementation, and monitoring of in-house anti-bribery and regulatory compliance programs.

Ms. Li spent over 30 years at the ICAC, working on anti-corruption enforcement initiatives. She was the first woman to head the ICAC’s Operations Department and oversaw a staff of around 1,000 investigators, forensic accountants, and computer forensics experts. She has deep experience spearheading and overseeing both public- and private-sector investigations. As the director of investigation for the government sector, she was in command of two investigation branches: one investigated corruption cases in the government sector/public bodies and those concerning public elections; and one dealt with intelligence gathering, covert and physical surveillance, information handling, undercover operations and witness protection. As the director of investigation for the private sector, she was also in command of two investigation branches: one conducted investigations into corruption facilitated fraud, money laundering—domestic and cross-border—in finance and banking industries; and one dealt with management and operational support, including legal research, forensic accounting, policy formulation and international/mainland liaison.

Ms. Li received the Hong Kong ICAC Medal for Distinguished Service and four Commissioner’s Commendations during her time at ICAC.


University of Leicester
M.S., Criminal Justice

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