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Edward O'Brien

Managing Director


Edward O’Brien has more than 35 years of extensive hands-on practical experience as an investment executive with several major financial institutions. His specific areas of expertise lie in the fields of global treasury and asset/liability management, global securities lending and repo, bond trading and portfolio management, money market and Eurodollar (LIBOR) trading, collateral management, investment management, global securities settlements and operations, and corporate management.

As a former Executive Vice President and Global Corporate Treasurer of one of the world’s largest global custodian banks, Mr. O’Brien was responsible for the corporation’s $90 billion fixed income investment portfolio, comprised primarily of US treasuries and agencies, ABS, RMBS, Brady bonds, corporate bonds (both senior and sub), convertibles, LIBOR-based FRN’s, and tax-exempt securities.  In addition to the investment portfolio, he also oversaw the bank’s multi-billion dollar liquidity portfolio comprised primarily of offshore Eurodollar (LIBOR) transactions, commercial paper, repo, ARS, and other money markets instruments.  In his capacity as treasurer, he managed 100 professionals, including securities analysts, interbank deposit (LIBOR) traders, and portfolio managers.  Mr. O’Brien was also a member of the company’s Executive Operating Group.

He has also managed the global securities lending, repo, and collateral management programs for three separate custodian banks, including the largest such program in the world. Additionally, he created and managed the team that developed the world’s first quantitatively-based risk-adjusted performance measurement application for use within the securities lending industry.

Mr. O’Brien has also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of a premier regional provider of high-end investment advisory, portfolio management, and multi-family office services where he was responsible for financial control, investment research, portfolio management, and securities operations.  As a member of the Investment Committee, he was also responsible for the firm’s asset allocation strategy.

His broad range of experience also includes serving as the president and as a director of an SEC-registered 2a-7 mutual fund.  He has also chaired of a number of executive-level corporate committees, including the Investment Committee and Asset-Liability Committee, while also serving on the Capital Committee, Major Risk Committee, Fiduciary Review Committee and Financial Policy Committee.  He brings extensive hands-on experience with respect to matters of corporate management and regulatory compliance, having been directly involved in the many processes which banks are required to establish and maintain in order to both manage risk and meet regulatory standards.  Mr. O’Brien has extensive experience in international markets as well, and has spent considerable time overseas, having established offices and overseen investment businesses in a number of high profile global financial centers.

Mr. O’Brien has participated on dozens of panels at industry conferences and symposia, both in the U.S. and abroad, speaking on a broad range of topics including cross-border dividend trading, bi-party and tri-party repo, collateral management, investment, and risk-adjusted performance. He has also given numerous speeches, including several keynote addresses, at industry and investor conferences in Europe, Asia, and North America, and he has spoken at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) annual conference of federal banking regulators and risk managers.


The University of the South
B.A., Literature, 1977

Employment History

Atlas Brown, Inc.
Chief operating officer and Chief financial officer
2009 - 2011

State Street Bank & Trust Company
Executive vice president and Corporate treasurer
2004 - 2006
Executive vice president, Securities Finance
1999 - 2006
Senior vice president, Global Securities Lending
1996 - 1999

Mellon Bank/The Boston Company
Senior vice president, Global Securities Lending
1993 - 1996

The Boston Company
Senior vice president, Asset/Liability & Portfolio Management
1988 - 1993

News & Insights

News & Commentary


Professional Affiliations

International Association of Risk & Compliance Professionals (IARCP)

The Government Bond Association of New England
Member (past)

Bond Market Association
Repo and Clearing Subcommittee member (past)

Risk Management Association (Formerly RMA)
Securities Lending Executive Committee member (past)

Pan-Asian Securities Lending Conference
Conference chairman (past)

Global Association of Risk Professionals
New England Regional Steering Committee (past)

Navigator Series Trust
President and voting director (past)

EquiLend, LLC
Founding member and director (past)


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
Certified arbitrator: Dispute Resolution

NASD Series 7
License holder (past)