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Christopher Pleatsikas

Managing Director


Christopher Pleatsikas specializes in antitrust and competition issues, but has also done substantial work on intellectual property issues, energy issues (particularly pricing and regulation), and on contract matters. He was formerly a managing director at LECG and was the leader of its Australasian Litigation Practice. Dr. Pleatsikas has also been a vice president at CRA International, based in Sydney, and was the co-director of its Asia-Pacific competition group. He was a principal at Putnam, Hayes, & Bartlett, Inc.; manager of the Economic Analysis Unit, Management Advisory Services, at Price Waterhouse; and managing associate at Urban Systems Research and Engineering, Inc.

Dr. Pleatsikas has been appointed as distinguished lecturer in the Economics Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, teaching industrial organization. He has also taught econometrics and quantitative methods at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Maryland.

Dr. Pleatsikas has testified in courts and before administrative agencies in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the Republic of Singapore on a variety of issues. He has been engaged in substantial academic research in and has written extensively on antitrust and competition issues. His recent papers include an analysis of the interface between antitrust and regulatory policy, evaluation of the implications of standards for determining whether prices are predatory, assessments of the competitive implications of contractual provisions, and an analysis of merger policies and regulations. He is currently editor of the "Report from North America" in the Competition and Consumer Journal.  


University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Regional Economic Analysis

University of Vermont
M.S., Natural Resources

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